Corporate Events

Selfie Snapshots Photo Station for Corporate Events

Expand your Brand

Gain an increase in your brand awareness and your online presence as your guests post to social media platforms with your company logo. Add your logo on custom prints and photo backdrops for instant recognition.

Survey and Data Collection

Collecting valuable marketing data is a fun way for your guests to interact with your brand. You have the opportunity to gain valuable feedback that is useful to you. With the added survey option, you can collect users email address, twitter handle, and Facebook usernames. Ask users several questions after the photo booth session about your event or anything else you want feedback on. Ask up to five questions, yes or no or multiple choice. Surveys will be completed 100% of the time as the guest cannot share or print their photos until the survey is complete. Results emailed directly to you. A disclaimer is added if needed.

Photo Booth Marketing

Since you can collect valuable data with our photo booth, why not have a photo booth at your next business convention? Creating the right questions can lead to customer data that can really make a difference in where your business will be headed to in the future. Photo booth marketing is a fun and interactive way to get the answers you need from your prospects.

Social Media

Get more likes and share more hashtags.

Let Selfie Snapshots Photo Station get you get more likes for your Facebook page by asking guests to like your page before they upload their photos or videos. Include your hashtag to Facebook and Twitter uploads and you can promote your social media with every upload.


Add video to the machine & allows guests to leave a short 10 second video message for the company. Great for advertising and promotional use. You will receive a USB at the end of the event containing all of the videos.

Contests & Coupons

Add a Coupon or Contest option to the machine. Winners are chosen by the probability that we set. Ex. we can set the probability for every 50th picture, someone wins a prize. The prize or coupon is supplied by the company.

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